In Central and South America…

“We can not make great things,only small things with great Love”Teresa of Calcutta.

Wise words of Teresa of Calcutta that reflect the vital importance to put our love in any project,because that is the motor which generates  the force of ilussion.   Without Love we are disconnected from the heart; without Love appears discouragement, without Love we forget the source from which we come. And is, again, Love, which  has given me the energy to carry out another phase, this time in Central and south America, thanks again, to the generous contribution of Barraquer Foundation and all the friends of Luz de Jade. I took off from Barcelona airport loaded with illusion and hundreds of glasses to distribute.

  My trip began in Perú…across the high mountains of Bolivia in the Salar de Uyuni,returning back to lake Titicaca and flying over Colombia and Ecuador to land in Costa Rica… climbing the Acatenango volcano in Antigua,Guatemala.From there crossing by land to reach the indigenous land of Chiapas in México.

Despegaba del aeropuerto de Barcelona cargada de ilusión con cientos de gafas para distribuir.Mi viaje comenzaba en Perú…cruzando por las altas montañas de Bolivia, en el Salar de Uyuni, de vuelta al lago Titicaca, sobre volando Colombia y Ecuador para llegar a Costa Rica pasando por el volcán Acatenango en Antigua,Guatemala… cruzando via terrestre hasta llegar a la zona indígena de Chiapas en México.


Mission accomplished! All glasses arrived at across more uninhabited places; fisherman, farmers of the quinoa in the inhospitable mountains of Bolivia, elderly sellers in markets, the great Shaman of the  isla del Sol  in lake Titicaca,the ophtalmology department at one of the hospital,in Antigua
Guatemala, to an island of Panama … now there is more “light in their eyes.”
Images are worth more than a thousand words … gratitude and joy are filling my soul..and that is enough for me.The effort was worth it!

Newly landed in Spain … for a few days I see the world in black and white … it seems like those magic colors that I felt in those distant lands are left behind.My body feels tired … but my heart immensely happy.
And I wonder..why in the West who have everything at the material level and much more than we need it and we can be so unsatisfied ..why do we not offer a smile to our neighbor? why we are so afraid to look at the eyes of the other? why don´t we treat everyone with equanimity?  why we are  running? where are we going? … I feel there is a lack of gratitude for everything that life offers us … we are so disconnected from Mother Earth, our Pacha Mama ( in Aimara and Quechua language that means “Earth” “world””Universe”)…engrossed in our thoughts, in our isolated pain, in our selfiness..hard to share ..and is that we have forgotten … disconnected from the beating of our heart,of that engine that is capable of moving mountains, called LOVE.

Practice compassion and gratitude, around you, do small things with great Love! small actions  can make a big difference and help to create a better and more loving world.Is possible! is in your your heart...they have showed it to me.


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